About us

We are a small indie game development studio from Slovak Republic. Creating assets or extensions for Unity3D Game Engine and developing apps for Android and Windows.
At this moment we are 2 people behind this studio. A lot of members left us and a lot joined but right now we are happy to create games together as a pair. Just 2 brothers trying to bring their fantasies real.

My name is Tomas Mozol, 24 years old game developer and co-founder at OuJe studio. Graduated as an IT technician, continuously focused on game development. I've come a long way until I felt in love with game development. From creating my own custom servers for mmorpg games such as World of Warcraft, making mods, skins and models for popular games and websites. I came across a few popular game engines such as RPG Game Maker, Game Maker or Blender until I found Unity3D Game Engine. It has been a whole decade when I first downloaded Unity3D version 3.0.0. After that day I've done a lot of projects in unity following a lot of tutorials on youtube.
Now my favorite and more focused part of game making is scripting. From basic inputs, physics, game logic, AI or networking

Second team member is my brother. After he noticed my passion in creating games, he started to get interested in the whole process. He found his way into the industry through 3D modeling. As me, he watched a lot of tutorials on youtube.

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